Go peacefully. The whole world is your home.~Kokusen
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Marci Baker

Marci Baker

Marci owned a yoga mat for years before actually stepping on it. It wasn’t until having children, experiencing a stress-related illness, and leaving her career that yoga found her. Initially drawn to the peace she found on her mat, Marci soon discovered the beauty of connecting with and honoring one’s body. As her practice deepened, it grew beyond a physical endeavor to one of self-exploration and acceptance. Yoga has helped her become more centered and grounded in the midst of a busy life, reminding her to always look for the stillness in movement.
Marci completed her 200-hour certification with Susi Amendola in 2013, additional training with Mark Watson in 2014, and her 500-hour teacher certification at the Himalayan Institute in 2014. She has a heartfelt appreciation for all the teachers and students who have graced her journey and guided her on this path. The connection and sense of community she has experienced inspires her to share her love of yoga with others. As a teacher, Marci seeks to provide a safe and uplifting space where authenticity, courage and compassion are fostered. She is grateful for her husband and children and the ordinary moments of life that serve as gentle reminders that there is so much more to yoga than postures and that, no matter what is going on, one always has the choice to pause and to breathe.