So the unwanting soul sees what’s hidden,
and the ever-wanting soul sees only what it wants.
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12.02.2018 Winter Day of Mindfulness, Jan. 12 2019

“Cultivating Your Inner Bodhisattva” A Day of Mindfulness Saturday, January 12, 2019 A Day of Mindfulness is a day chosen to be simple, quiet, and grateful in an environment that offers as few distractions as possible.  This January, the Honey Locust Sangha is offering a day of mindfulness led by dharma teacher Terry Cortes Vega. more…

09.01.2017 Therapeutic Yoga

The body does its best to give us what we want.  When we ask it to move a certain way, it will oblige.  As a result, we can develop patterns that are no longer optimal over time.  Rather than moving as we’re designed to move, we move in ways that create pain and strain.  We more…