• June 30, 2018
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Creating Space the Lower Back

Summer Yoga Workshop with certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Karen Allgire
Saturday June 30, from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.


Creating Space in your Lower Back in Every Pose
When any part of the spine is compressed, discomfort often presents itself in the lower back. Every posture can be approached from the perspective of lifting, lengthening and decompressing the vertebrae of the lumbar spine – the lower back. In this workshop, we will experience poses from many categories while placing some focus on the abdominal/lumbar poses that specifically target the lower back area.

The workshop is for yoga students of all traditions who have been practicing asana for a year or more. This workshop it a wonderful opportunity to enhance and refine your own poses. Learning way to open the back is known to cultivate stamina, courage, and energy. When done with attention to the back body and the breath, the nerves can remain quiet for a refreshing and joyful experience in even the more challenging postures. Students will learn a variety of approaches that help create spaciousness in the lower back.

Price: $50 if you register by June 20 \ After June 20 $60 (class size is limited so don’t wait)